System admin
Debian, apache, nginx, mysql, postgres, postfix, docker
Network Admin
Cisco, openvpn, snmp, iptables, dns
ansible, docker, logstash, zabbix, cacti, monit, nagios, prometheus
Ruby, rails, bash, node.js, php, python, perl, java, javascript, golang
HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, XML, XSLT, Gimp, Inkscape
GIT, CVS, SVN, Mercurial, Redmine, Jenkins, Gitlab
Team leadership, tutoring, planning, strategy, Agile, Collective intelligence


Learning mandarin chinese (TamKang University, Taipei)
Graphic Arts bachelor Degree (Fine Arts school, Angoulème)
Military duty: phone operator in Dakar, Senegal
Maths bachelor degree (USTL, Montpellier)


French, native.
English, spoken and written, business level.
Mandarin chinese, spoken basics, a little read.
Free Software advocacy.
Integrity, personnality, unicity.

Personal websites

Old projects


Founder, Technical Director at Distrilab
Infrastructure, devops.
Le Distrilab is a small non-profit Internet Service Provider in France. Its agilty makes it possible to explroe various new technologies.
Freelance Devops and Coder
Coding, devops.
Various contracts with companies or organizations in France, Netherlands and Canada. Main activity is about infrastructure management and software ingeneering.
Software engineer at Bitnami
Coding, devops.
Bitnami is in the business of automated packaging of open source applications for updating various cloud vendors marketplaces. My role was to make sure the automation was running smoothly in a very heterogeneous environment. I also took responsibility on the internal application for generating the documentation.
Devops Engineer at Gandi
Adminsys, infrastructure, deployment, devops.
Gandi is a french ISP, mostly known for domain name registration services. Other services include mail servers, hosting on IaaS and Paas infrastructure. I cover on-call monitoring during asian timezone from Gandi Asia office in Taipei.
Lead Devops and sysadmin at Faria Systems
Adminsys, infrastructure, deployment, devops.
Faria Systems develops management application for schools in SAAS. I'm in charge of the operations, configuration and management of servers and cloud services, automatization and monitoring, as well as network administration.
Technical Director at Code Green
Management, planning, devops, coding.
Code Green is a development company located in Taiwan, specialized in web and mobile applications based on Ruby, Ruby on Rails and node.js.
Software engineering, system administration, coding, GUI design.
Training with various web application : Drupal, prestashop, jquery. Missions in java (hibernate, mercurial, play framework), and netbeans.
Clients : Expedia, Thomas Cook, and small companies, institutions.
Technical director Angenius Development
System administration, collaborative engineering, coding, strategy.
Angenius is an environemental NGO of less than 10 people, promoting collaborative solution to complex projects. I designed several collaborative systems, implemented in PHP/Mysql, conducted audits of information systems, participated in research on various technical projects.
Coding, free software engineering, design.
I spent a lot of time publishing, contributing, animating communities on free software projects. Also setup a wiki farm for the complex systems society, and other international organisations.
Clients : CNRS (university researchers).
Technical Manager at Makina Corpus
Team management, strategy planning, system administration, coding.
Makina Corpus was belonging to Jipo group (around 200 consultants), specialized in consultancy for telecom companies. Makina Corpus was focused on developing software solutions, using and publishing free software. I setup the company procedures and lead the technical team, as well as creating new software and concept to address internal and clients needs. I was also in charge of technical support team for the whole group. I was reporting directly to the CEO.
Clients : Major phone company, public institutions.
Software Development Manager at Claranet
Team management, products research, software development.
Claranet France is the french branch of Claranet group (around 200 employees), based in London. At first senior developer, designing the whole intranet system and backend tools for the technical support division, I was promoted to development manager in charge of front-end, backend, public websites of the company.
Clients : 1M users nationwide in France.
That was a very rich period of self-learning on new technologies, and exploring newcoming possibilities of web publishing. I have been Macintosh trainer, Webmaster, internet specialist, video producer, ergonomics advisor for big national corporations and institutions.
Clients : UNESCO, France Telecom, EDF, Universities.
Artistic director at Creatom
Concept design, CAD, prepress production.
Creatom is a company I setup with an associate. I recruited and managed up to 6 graphic designer, and worked at design of advertisement campains.
Clients : advertisement companies, local institutions.